Nowadays, distribution and supply service of water and waste water has a significant impact on the evaluation of societies developments and in meanwhile, Talayeh Industrial Complex as the greatest designer and manufacturer of water and waste water service kits in Iran, using invocation, quality management systems based on ISO 9001-2015 and HSE standards for safety and health management system in organization, tries to develop and improve water and waste water service line equipment and their installation methods.
Talayeh Industrial Complex as a pioneer company in innovation field since 1980, relying on creativity of its engineers and experts and using many years of experience, while understand necessity of improving the methods by conducting studies for improving quality of products with along optimal use of materials, Talayeh succeed in improving the quality of this industry and enhancing customer’s attention.
Since Talayeh has gained various licenses such as business license, research and development license and also based on research-industrial experiences, the capabilities of its personnel as well as creativity in design and manufacturing new products, so has been approved by competent authorities.
By producing more than 700 types of products in various designs and sizes with many registered Patents, Talayeh succeeded in earning 50 honorary titles such as top researcher, top innovative company, top innovative management, top international entrepreneur, top research and development) , the country’s selected technology plan , premium brand, top standard company, etc., from Iran’s exhibitions and festivals.
After many years efforts towards creativity and innovation, Talayeh Co. has gained strong infrastructures in design, manufacture and developing products by utilizing qualified R&D, design and engineering, molding, technology development, automation, programming, quality management systems, planning, financial engineering and education departments and also various manufacturing workshops such as molding, bronze casting, iron casting, plastic injection, water meter production, forging, machining and concrete construction.
Talayeh Co., has done many activities in order to improve quality of its products and thus achieved satisfaction and royalty of customers and also branding which includes:
– Developmet and equiping Talayeh laboratory, implementing and deploying ISO/IEC17025 standard requirements and get laboratory accreditation certificate according to ISO/IEC 17025.
– Member of Iranian Strategic Technology Laboratory Network from Iran Vice President of Science and Technology.
– ISO 90001:2015 – Quality Management Standard.
– ISO 10002:2014 – Client Complaints Handling Standard.
– Health and Safety Management System (HSE-MS) Standard.
– National Standard approvals for products such as Manhole Steps, Water service Saddle , Brass Swing Check Valves, Polypropylene fittings and Cast Iron & Concrete Manhole Covers from the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran.
– Providing and editing Talayeh standards to define  requirement or acceptable parameters for some of its products.
– Collaborate with Academic and Research centers by applying universities’ projects.
– and so on.
We are proud that with the belief and practice of the strategy “always one step ahead”, have achieved many of our long-term goals by creating a credible brand in national and regional arena.
With appreciation of your attention , the following collection contains a number of activities and achievements of Talayeh Industrial Complex during the recent years.