In the name of God


Countless thanks to the glorious God that his recall unties any difficulties. I thank God for having the opportunity to take on responsibility in TALAYEH INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX.
TALAYEH is a company composed of knowledge, experience, expertise and modern management to offer the best, diverse and at the same time the highest quality products in water and waste water connections’ industry.
The company in its new era, by maintaining its former achievements, to reach future objectives and to move along with recent developments, with determination, correct programming, incessant endeavors, use of knowledge and employing professional and skillful workforce for having appropriate interaction with customers in so called targeted marketing in production and exportation by offering various products and quick services, is moving forward to provide ultimate satisfaction for customers who we count on as the company’s capital.
Following our slogan “ALWAYS ONE STEP AHEAD” we’re proud to be the pioneer company in water and waste water connections’ industry in Iran and the region and so to maintain and promote this valuable position we’re working harder than ever. Concentrating on innovation and creativity, we’re doing our best to be an honor for our people and our country and to do as what we really have to do as to show and prove the company’s capacity. In this regard with our trust in faith and our colleague-fellows’ abilities and TALAYEH family’s efforts, by safeguarding our fame, we’re committed to take effective steps to perform our organizational principles and values and further we hope to step toward giving our very best services to our beloved people and contribute to our country’s daily development in water and waste water sectors.

General Manager
Talayeh Industrial Complex