Talayeh Selected as a top brand:
In the 3rd conference on “branding based on consumer behavior” which was held on August 19, 2015 at SAPCO conference hall, Talayeh was selected as a “TOP BRAND” company.
This national conference which was held to develop brands, train how to create a brand, managing a brand, a highlight on top brands and the legal obligations to register a brand, hosted some domestic university Profs and Dr. Behnood allahverdi as the secretary of the conference. In the end top brands were honored by the country and provincial authorities.
Considering the effective role of branding in identifying and verifying goods and services and the customers’ confidence in a brand, it is hoped by creating a branding committee; the support and the growth of TOP BRANDS speed up more than ever.
We congratulate this achievement to everyone who’s been with us.

Talayeh Industrial Complex Public Relations