Honored as the top company from the 10th international water industry exhibition:

The 10th international of water, waste water and water installations exhibition was held in Nov 17 for 4 days from 9 am to 16 pm at Tehran’s international exhibition venue.
During the expo time a large number of authorities from the country’s and provinces’ WSC visited TALAYEH booth and along getting more acquainted with the latest achievements they discussed their needs with TALAYEH’s experts.
Also during the visit time Mr.Satar Mahmoodi the vice minister, Eng Daemi deputy of programing and economic affairs, Eng. Meidani deputy of water and waste water company and other authorities visited TALAYEH’s booth.
Congratulating TALAYEH’s triumph they discussed about TALAYEH’s extensive activities and evaluating its innovations.
During the visits, Eng., Rahmani TALAYEH’s C.E.O spoke about fundamental points about service lines which were greeted by the visitors.
In the closing ceremony which was held at Nov 21, as per the evaluations by the technical committee TALAYEH was honored as the top company among 300 internal and foreign companies.
Besides our happiness we do thank everyone who helped us make such accomplishments and honors.


Talayeh Industrial Complex Public Relations