Polymer workshop

Different types of pipes and polypropylene fittings in accordance with international standards are manufacturing by advanced extruder and injection machines in wide range of volumes and capacities.


Brass and Bronze workshops

Forge workshop:

Using forge press machines in various sizes made it possible for the company to produce variety of products in large quantities.

Machining workshop:

Brass and bronze valves yielded in Talayeh are manufactured using special CNC machines with high precision. There’s a wide range of tests performed on the products functionality.




Bronze and Cast Iron Foundries

Bronze foundry:

Enjoying appropriate equipment and facilities in addition to the experts made Talayeh the very manufacturer of standard bronze valves in the country.

Bronze valves with two mechanism “ Ball valve and Plug Valve” are designed and  manufactured upon request.

Cast Iron foundry:

Manufacturing variety of manhole covers and gratings in accordance with EN 124 in different grades GG25 (Gray cast iron) GGG40 ( Ductile cast iron) by induction furnace under close monitor by the Quality unit and the laboratory during the melting process and graded by quantometer and metallography equipment created a condition which made Talayeh the most credited quality manufacturer of cast iron products in water and sewerage industry.




Concrete workshop 

Keeping in mind the material resistance knowledge and using proper equipment such as Vibrator, mixer, baking and     processing the concrete made it possible for us to manufacture standard combined concrete – cast iron manholes for special use for which high pressure resistance is required.


Molding department


Valuable experience of our  engineering units and molding department and also enjoying advanced equipment are taken into consideration as one of the pivotal points of Talayeh company. This enabled us to produce and design all forging moulds, castings, plastic injections and etc,. In our company.