Today research and development has a direct and inevitable influence on innovation, productivity, quality, market and other areas that affects the competition potentials of organizations. With the advent of globalization, new ways to get to new technologies have been created which allow organizations to access information at any level.
In this regard, Talayeh’s department of research and development that is made up of product engineering, material engineering, automation, research and equipment & financial engineering, IT & MIS has been established and in turn it plays an important role in the organization output.
Undertaking new methods on products, processes, services to manufacture new products, processes and procedures, TIC’s department of research and development could take efficient steps to meet most of Iran water and sewerage industry’s requirements.
With respect to Talayeh’s R&D positive outcomes, the company could attain honors as the best innovative organization, best innovative manager, best national entrepreneur, Best country project plan and the best R&D department.