Today with daily progress and development in technology, skilled workers are more needed than ever. Training is an essential means to hone skills within an  organization to bring about better outcome and make interchange for the workers themselves. This interchange can be made within their knowledge, specialty skills and their attitudes and so to make such, a well planned schedule training program is therefore required. Understanding this, Talayeh has set training classes with respect to the company’s need. Training courses are due when staffers’ joining the team, in-service training classes, and periodic training programs are therefore set to promote employees skills. Such courses and classes are regularly monitored and evaluated by HR training section. Talayeh, to promote its training goals has established and outfit a training class within the company in 2011. Talayeh to enhance technical knowledge of his experts, domestic and foreign contractors and likewise to make more efficient the use of water and waste water service line equipments, has run several workshops and training seminars since 2007 which in turn had an outstanding feedback. TIC to authenticate and accredit such courses and training classes, requested the Technical and Vocational Training organization (TVTO) to monitor the courses which later led to compilation and publication of 3 standards from TVTO regarding Methods of Installation & Utilization of Water and Sewer Service Line Kits which resulted in a cooperation agreement between TVTO and TIC.